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[02 Feb 2004|01:57am]
A question to you all.

Who actually reads this thing? I think I want to make a new journal. Or maybe I'll just buy a paid account.. hmm~


ラモハキヌロ ニケモ カンセニミキ ニミ ノチミチ チミシ ニカケト トラ ハナソノニミキ クニシイラナトヌ 。ー、

aka: OMFG!~ I'm typing in Kana and it's so fucking hideous. >_
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Gay-O-Meter [02 Feb 2004|12:46am]

lmfao.. I got 76% ^____^
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[01 Feb 2004|08:39pm]
"I refuse to believe love is nothing but a chemical imbalance in the brain..."

You know, one day I would have pondered that as well.
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"Rainbow Flyer~~" [01 Feb 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | hot ]


Last night was fun I guess, I got online after falling asleep at 5.00pm and waking up at 10.00pm.. so I was like Ugh! Because I know that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep for fucking ever~~.. So I got online and Meg was there! So I was like omfg~~~, and I talked to her for fucking hours! She told me lots of stuff, and yeah.. it was just really fabulous! She said she'll take me shopping when I go to Tokyo! And she's going to save up to come to Australia.. omg that'd be so camp! I'd take her all around Melbourne etc.. we'll have a fabulous time! I can't wait to hear her new songs, "envelope" and "shylph".. and she's sending me popteen magazines! <3~~~~

What else has happened.. hmm. OMG! I spoke to this guy last night and he sent me his picture, and he was with Luke! Not feral Versace Luke, this ugly feral cunt that came to teknoboi's house with Bruno and I for a party once.. I think Rowan was there too? We got fucking trashed and left him with Glenys.. and then Bruno sucked him off and then bitched to David and I because apparently he was cut and it was really fucked up. Such was life, in the old days.. Our posse was many of bizzare! But I miss those days~

I'm really ugh about a lot of things at the moment.. I saw something I really REALLY didn't want to and it hurt me a lot, so I've retracted myself a lot, it's quite easy to just deny my feelings to myself suprisingly. I just don't want to think about it, which is going OK. I think talking to mr_pyro now, and Meg last night has made me feel a lot better.. so to you both, thank you.

Anyway! I have washing to do, for my interview tomorrow, and another interview on tuesday.

I promise.. that if I get this job at BoQ, I will be going to Japan at the end of the year. Even if I save like $200 per week, I can survive on whatever else I'd make, and I'll buy my australian residency.. and get a passport.. and my fucking license (>_<) and YAY!

Anyway, Ja7ne.

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omg [01 Feb 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | screen. ]

OMFG. I love this.. This song sounds so fucking fabulous!

Ayumi Hamasaki - Memories [Kose Visee CM]

Just click on it.. it's an .asx, so it'll just stream! OMFG I LOVE IT *screen.*

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What if God used AOL..? [31 Jan 2004|11:48pm]
maurny, you'll love this! I love it too :D

What if God used AOL~?Collapse )
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Totemo *unloved* [31 Jan 2004|11:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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lmfao~! Mmmm!! I have a secret crush on makimedia, melodybomb etc. ^_~
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[31 Jan 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | bored ]

uhh it's hot! my god I hate the heat.. like, every day in the last week or so.. it's been really hot during the day, and stormy in the late afternoon/night.

I so love this song~~

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[31 Jan 2004|12:04am]
omg I just spoke to renee/mu-wen! she's so cute~

Renee in OZ says:
bu ke yi
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
cao ni ma
Renee in OZ says:
means: no
Renee in OZ says:
wang ba dan!!!
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
umm... WO SHU MU-WEN!
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:

Renee in OZ says:
ni shu Alex
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
ni shu wang ba dan
Renee in OZ says:
ni ye shu wang ba dan\
Renee in OZ says:
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
Renee in OZ says:
means: you are wang ba dan, too

cao ni ma means fuck your mother, and wang ba dan means turtles egg, which is apparently really offensive.. :\ but! I love Renee~
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Rah Rah eto rah~~ [30 Jan 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | silly ]

*sigh* I never make decent posts anymore! >_<

So I'll try my best *nods* Today I finished temping for Bank Of Queensland, which is good. It was just stressing me out and I was just really blah, I hated going to work. BUT! I have an interview on monday for a full time (FABULOUS PAYING!<3) job in their Call Centre, which is fabulous.. the hours are (always) 11-7 which suits me fabulously, I wouldn't have to get up too early.

Melbourne.. I've had to give up on that idea. Turner Gavin (the agency I'm temping through) failed to submit my tax forms.. so I was taxed at 48%. So I cancelled my interview at ECS but the lady fucking rolled over and died, and she said that she'll invite me to the next intake which WILL suit me fine, because I will make sure that I don't get over-fucking-taxed again. Ugh, I was fuming, and Ruth, my agent, got an earfull. Stupid camp beautiful whore she is.

What else happened.. it's been really stormy lately, like REALLY.. I fucking adore it! Carlos' power was out in Brisbane the other day and at like 4.45 today, I could NOT see out the windows at work.. and then the building was like shaking because the thunder was so strong.. and people were screaming etc.. and then I was walking to central, and the garden area outside/next to stephens cathedral had been torn up, the trees were like.. on the footpath etc. I ached for it.. but omfg!!! David & Carlos & Maureen & James etc. will know this area.. you know at post office square, to go under adelaide street and over to anzac square, you can go under the road? Well.. it had been pissing down (of course) and there was hundreds of people going there (at 5.00pm).. and this lady's stilleto fell off her heel and she fell all the way down the stairs! People were like :O!!! I was too, for like 1 second.. then I almost fell down myself because I was pissing myself laughing, I dropped my phone and I was just standing there with everyone looking at me.. the lady grabbed her shoe and ran away~~ it was so camp! So, I got to central.. and the trains have ~ALL~ been delayed because of the huge storm.. so the line for the cleveland train (which was like 30 mins late) was like, up the fucking stairs! The gold coast train was just as bad. But I got a seat... and sat next to some whore woman while I read my fabulous NW magazine. Uh, I love NW.

Carlos is sick atm.. My poor baby, his throat is all ~infection~ and he developed some sort of allergy to the medication and has broken out into a rash or something, I wish I could take care of him without being shot at by his mother :(.. at least he doesn't have to be at Hutchison ne~e? ^_^

Hope everyones having a fabulous time!

<3 Always, Alex

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[29 Jan 2004|08:12pm]
Koningin Janet Kojiro ---suteki, neeeee--- says:
if anyone asks, you're studying dance and drama.
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
And japanese, and atsuzoko
Koningin Janet Kojiro ---suteki, neeeee--- says:
double majoring in atsuzoko, ne
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
Koningin Janet Kojiro ---suteki, neeeee--- says:
Dr Alex-chan Subarashii PhD.Atsuzoko BA(Japanese)
₪ ŠėŅřĪŧŠů ₪ 「☆ズッコンバッコン☆」 says:
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[29 Jan 2004|07:54pm]
omg! the storms are so many... I love it!

My life has been rated:
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"Sabishii Kuna~i" [28 Jan 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

today was really camp.. I found a box full of my old stuff from years ago! I opened it up and I was like.. *death*

I had letters in there from when Bruno and Phyllyp and even Luke and I went to school together! We used to write to each other when we didn't have classes together~~ it's so camp, It reminded me of the camp times I used to have with them. I have letters from Bruno saying like "OMFG Kwarn, David is so fucking hot I wish he wasn't with Luke" and I have letters from Phyllyp saying "I fucking wish Bruno wanted to be my BF and I wish David wanted to fuck me and he wasn't with Luke".. lol, so many memories.. I found my Formal photos with me and Nicole and Cindy and Elesha (feral slut elesha who I don't even like, not camp Elesha Giudice) and yeah, it just made me all *reminisce* style.. it was really nice~

I also found some really old CD-R's that I have! So I listened to them many and ached even more! Yay, today was "*MOSTLY** nice. Ugh @ everything else in my fucking day. But such things don't belong HERE.

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[27 Jan 2004|10:47pm]
I got home from a nice night with Carlos, and found out my friend Emma called! I called her STRAIGHT away and she told me she is moving back to Bendigo from Melbourne! I was so fucking shocked... and we talked about everything and stuff. Poor girl, she's been in Melb. by herself for quite a while now with her BF.. and she's just really over it. He's in the army and he's leaving for 4+ months.. so she's coming home to her Mum. I miss her a lot.. I promised I'd see her as soon as I possibly can. I always had fun with Emma.. I remember going to the cemetary across the road from high school and jumping from grave to grave.. and one of the concrete lids caved in once.. omfg, I think we stood there for like 10 minutes screaming, and then ran away ;)

Victoria really is calling back to me. But it's OK, I'll be there soon~
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For maurny.... ^_~ [24 Jan 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Oh my..!!~~

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I did that quiz.. because is has Aja in it. ^______^
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[24 Jan 2004|06:30pm]
there's huge storm clouds outside... I fucking ache for it. YAY~!
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[24 Jan 2004|03:07pm]
hi! omg it's so hot today.. it's like.. wow. I really AM in hell. ^_~
I'm going to bleach my hair again today, so it'll look all fabby for my job interview on the 2nd.. but i can't do that until carly gets home~










Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!
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[23 Jan 2004|09:45pm]
just got off the phone to my fabulous friend Nicole.. uhh I miss her so much. I told her I'd be in Melbourne and she was like *fucking DEATH* so she's going to see if elesha will come with her to see me! Fuck.. I miss them so much. I'm worried about Nicole.. she's finding it really hard to get a job since she got back from England. Apparently her Cert. III in Aged Care is almost obsolete now, so she's going to have to go and get Cert. IV.. ugh I so couldn't deal with aged care.

Her Mum also offered to pay for Nicole to go back to England for another 6 months.. and she's really considering it, but she'll just get homesick and she's scared as well, because when she was gone last time her cousin was killed in a car crash.. she's just really scared, which is understandable. Cheer Up 'Cole!

Anyway! I'll be off now and all that stuff.. I'll make an update soon, this weekend some time, I promise! omg it's long weekend! *scream* yay I fucking love.. "Australia Day" >\
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[23 Jan 2004|07:27pm]
So like.. I have an interview on the 2nd of february for emergency services! (000) in melbourne.. I'm looking at flights now. Fuck.. I hope I have enough money to be able to go. (looks). Well! I do!~ ^_^

So I'll go.. and then the interview is for 6 hours :| and if I pass that interview.. I'll need to go back for another interview! So... (save save save)
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[22 Jan 2004|08:59pm]
so today was really blah. I got in.. and sat there for ages reading some trashy paper that they hand out to everyone at Central.. for like half an hour because Fiona was late and I didn't know what to do... she walked in and basically pointed towards a stack of filing about as tall as me and then went about her own thing. I swear to fucking god.. it took me all day and I'm not even 1/10 of the way through it. It's all in alphabetical order.. of all the branches of Bank Of Queensland in Australia and I had to go through the WHOLE file, rip out anything that wasn't money related from 5+years ago.. and put all the new stuff in. I think I did from Acacia Ridge to Carindale today. Ugh. And they told me they want me there until it's finished.. so like a few more months? :S on the other hand, I got offered a job at Austar, temping for Kelly Services. I'm so tempted to take it. Sooo fucking tempted. At least in a call centre, I just answer the calls, no paperwork, nothing that I don't finish that I don't have to finish the next day. I think thats the beauty of call centres too.

Anyway, today I walked from work to southbank to save money on the train.. but it was really nice at 5.00pm as well! I think I'll make a habit of doing that from now on~!

Hiro got back today, and I just talked to him on MSN.. he's seeing Blair, his new BF tomorrow. I'm really worried, it just sounds so dodgy. He's meeting him at his house? for the first time? And he just sounds so fucked.. but whatever, I warned him! I'll see him probably sometime next week, so I can give him back his DOUBLE cd and he has some of my stuff.. and he's got MEGs CD's for me and david! Apparently it's her Heritage Maxi-Single, which is fabulous! so YAY!

Anyway... ja'ne!

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